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About us

Since the 19th century, a few visionary spirits have fancied the idea that hydrogen could be a great energy vector. Yesterday’s dream is now reality!

MAHYTEC Education is committed in the formation about energetic transition transition

We offer complete pedagogical tool dedicated to the training around energy storage, with an important focus on the hydrogen chain.

Give to you students future prospects

Today technological solutions exist to store renewable energy and promote its deployment. It remains to train engineers and technicians able to work on these storage systems. Thousands of job in France will be available in 2025.

MAHYTEC team will assist you

Based in Dole in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region, MAHYTEC Education is a dynamic company who gives a wide importance to the regular following to its customers. Strong by its past experiences; MAHYTEC Education gives all the resources to help you during the project, both on the administrative and technical aspects and the social component with the conference cycles open to all training programs dedicated to teachers.


MAHYTEC, French leader company on the hydrogen storage and complete system to reach autonomous energetic sector, launch a new offer: MAHYTEC Education.

Started by four teachers-researchers, MAHYTEC keeps a strong link with education and makes available to teachers and students a new pedagogic way to learn about renewable energies storage.

Dominique Perreux, David chapelle, Pascal Robinet, Frédéric Thiébaud

Dominique PERREUX, David CHAPELLE, Pascal ROBINET, Frédéric THIEBAUD

Founders of MAHYTEC