The pedagogical station

Discover the first pedagogical tool dedicated to renewable energies storage

Learn to store renewable energies

Today the electricity production from renewable energies is an integral part of our energetic mix. From their intermittently, indeed it’s necessary to store these energies to deal with the deficit and overproduction.

If it exists more and more people trained in the production of renewables energies storage, the need of qualified manpower could operate on energy storage station is just as important for the future.

Renewable energies storage is often forgotten in the courses dedicated to renewable energies, however technological solutions exist. It remains to train engineers and technicians who will mastery with it.

Therefore, MAHYTEC Education has developed an energy storage station aims for educational needs in order to raising awareness among the young people to the challenges of the energetic transition.

Train your student to tomorrow’s careers

energy storage pedagogical tool

Thanks to our pedagogical station, teachers have a course material complete in order to broach the problematic related to clean energy: production, storage and consumption.

Multidisciplinary, our station is adapted for high school students and is addressed at teacher of different courses: science, mathematics, geography, electricity…

The teacher can realize some handling on the station, and the students can analyze it activity in real time

The acquisition an electrical or hydrogen vehicle is also possible, and thanks to the station the vehicle gets its own electricity supply.

How does the station work?

Our pedagogical toll provides a global vision of the exiting solutions about energy storage in presenting the two main technologies: hydrogen and battery.

The station includes a battery pack and a complete hydrogen chain. It also has two hydrogen storage technologies in order to get a complete view of the problematics: a compressed hydrogen tank at medium pressure and hydride tanks.

stockage hydrogene-chaine de production EN

What accompanying?

MAHYTEC Education installs your equipment in your establishment and train yourself to the station utilization.  MAHYTEC Education offers training courses dedicated to teachers and staff’ user. These formations are also open to all professional interested in energy storage sector.

From their experience as researcher, MAHYTEC Education team offers also conferences dedicated to personal staff, students and eventually their parents.

A year upkeep is provided by our team in order to check the well operation of the equipment.

The station doesn’t need a particularly maintenance and can resist to temperature from -20 °C to + 50 °C.

The plus

When you get the station, your teachers will be allowing to an access “members”. On this forum you will exchange with other teaches in order to think about manual course to offer to your students.