Training session

Why being train?

New technologies and specific resources needs

The past years the energetic transition is at the heart of news. An awareness of the need to change our energetic consumption way is emerging. Technological solutions exist but the staff training to these new technologies miss. It is in this point of view that we have developed our educative station.

Plenty of practical courses

If the stakes of energetic transition and renewable energy storage are written at several training program, the course material for practical course is rare. Thanks to this tool, you and your students can realize some technical handling and analysis the system operation or extract production and consumption energy data. Designed with industrial material this tool allows to reach different points of energetic transition problematic.

For who?


Train yourself to the latest innovation around two main technologies of energy storage: battery and hydrogen. We will think together at different way to use our pedagogical tool according to the course teaches and level of education.

Multidisciplinary our station is integrated as a pedagogical tool in the program of different courses, for example: mathematics, chemistry and physics, geography, economic, electronic…


You or your employees want to develop your skills and train yourself at energy storage new technologies?

Career progression?

Today, it became important to be train at the same time that the technology moved. Our training courses can be adapted at your need. Open new horizons in developing your skills though our training!

More information 

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